What is Ecogold?

Ecogold is an environmentally focused loyalty program that compliments Spring Power & Gas and is sent to every new and existing Spring Power & Gas customer. Ecogold is a complimentary benefit for being a Spring Power & Gas customer.

How does my Ecogold Rewards work?

You will receive the choice of 5% in Ecogold Rewards or 3% Cash Back on your supply costs. Ecogold Rewards are accumulated monthly and redeemable once you accumulate $25 and every $50 thereafter. They can be redeemed online via the Ecogold website. Cash Back is issued after 12 consecutive months of Spring Power & Gas supply costs.

How do I register?

Select ‘Not Registered?’ on the Ecogold homepage and enter your customer and phone number.

How do I know when I have an Ecogold Reward due?

The accumulation of the Ecogold Rewards are sent to you via emails. When you are eligible for your next Ecogold Reward you will be sent an email prompting you to redeem via the log in area of the Ecogold website.

I was placed on the incorrect type, can I change this?

Yes! Simply log in on any page of this site, go to ‘My Profile’ and change your reward type. Alternatively you can call our customer service team on 1-888-710-4782 and they will be able to take care of this for you.

Can I opt out of receiving emails?

You can opt out of receiving emails, however this does limit you to your reward options. Some of the leading brand gift cards are only dispatched as e-cards, there are a few gift cards including the movie tickets and Cash Back that are posted out to you. Simply log in to the Ecogold website, click the ‘My Profile’ tab and select that you no longer wish to receive emails.

How do I purchase additional gift card and movie tickets?

Once you have registered you can log in and access many of the exclusive member discounts and benefits.

Does my card expire?

Your card has no expiration date. As long as you have an active Spring Power and Gas account, your Ecogold customer card will be valid.

Why have I not been receiving my Ecogold updates?

We may have the incorrect email address for you. Simply log in to this site using your customer number and password, click the ‘My Profile’ tab and update the email address we have for you. Still having issues? Contact our friendly customer service team on 1-888-710-4782

Can I still use my card if I leave Spring Power & Gas?

No. Ecogold is a loyalty program for current and active Spring Power & Gas customers. Your account can easily be reactivated by calling 1-888-710-4782 and choosing to switch back to Spring Power & Gas.

Will I still get my Ecogold Rewards or Cash Back if I leave Spring Power & Gas?

If you choose to leave Spring Power & Gas you will forfeit any accumulated reward that has not already been issued. The card and membership account will be deactivated.